Poetry- The Only Fair and Just Solution

“We’ve reached a point where a simple product such as a stepladder has to be sold with big red warning labels all over it, telling you not to dance on it, hold parties on it, touch electrical wires with it, hit people with it, swallow it, etc., because some idiot somewhere, sometime, actually did these things with a stepladder, got hurt, filed a lawsuit- and won.”
Dave Barry Hits Below The Beltway Continue reading


Fiction- A Flickering Candle

Title: A Flickering Candle
Length: 978 words
Genre: General
Rating: T for one curse at the end.
Summary: A conversation between two people in a restaurant both highlights and exacerbates the fragility of their relationship. Continue reading

Poetry- The Shire

I’m taking a poetry class this quarter- and whenever I come into contact with poetry, I get compelled to write some of my own. So expect a lot of verse from me in future as I try to get back into practice for this class. My current goal/project for January is at least nine poems all related to various locations in Tolkien’s wonderful Middle-Earth. Hopefully there will be something worth reading among them! Continue reading

The Adventures of Eowyn and Arwen

The ending of Lord of the Rings wasn’t the end of the character’s adventures- certainly not when you can pretend to be your favorite character and devise your own stories. In which Eowyn and Arwen- as played by two eight year old girls- rescue their husbands from Cirith Ungol. Continue reading