Thoughts on ‘Gentleman Captain’

So it’s historical seafaring fiction with a nice side dose of politicking and intrigue. Or so the blurb claims.

Too bad that the intrigue is ignored for huge chunks of the book and that most of the politicking is shoved aside in favor of the protagonist whining. Continue reading


A Quick Update

What’s this? A blog post?

Yes, I’m actually alive. Admittedly buried alive under piles of papers, internship obligations, housing stuff, and finals. but alive nonetheless.

Anyhow, once I claw my way out of the depths of papers and get myself out of the Lovecraftian tentacles of novella editing, I’m hoping to have a bit more activity on the blog. Though I’ll be having a 8ish to 5ish job for the summer, so I don’t know how often I’m going to be updating. But I’ll try and be a bit better than I was this summer.

Anyway, here’s what’s coming down the pike (hopefully) in a few days. Continue reading