Thoughts on ‘Boneshaker’

I’m not the biggest fan of zombies. They don’t automatically make everything better, and I find stories focusing on them to be frustrating in many ways, from the impossible logistics of the undead spreading so quickly to the infuriatingly stupid behavior of the protagonists (Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, it is generally a bad idea to go into Atlanta when you see a long line of abandoned cars on the way out. There’s usually a reason those people were trying to get away).

So I was very pleasantly surprised when Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker averted most of the things I find annoying about zombies. Continue reading


I’m not dead!

Just wanted to say very quickly that I’m still alive and haven’t abandoned the blog in any way- I got back from college about three weeks ago to find that our internet connection has been practically non-existent. I can only get online for about five minutes before the connection drops and haven’t had time to consistently check email, tweet, or post anything. But I have stuff lined up, so things will get started again once I have internet. Just be patient and know that if you comment on anything and I don’t respond, it’s because I can’t get to the comment, not because I’m ignoring you. Hopefully all is going well for you guys!

The Friday Broadcast- Homer Writes ‘The Iliad’

While I was griping about Fifty Shades of Grime Grey to my father a few weeks back, he mentioned that I might enjoy a Monty Python skit called Novel Writing, which chronicles Thomas Hardy writing The Return of the Native in standard Pythonesque style- that is to say with complete insanity. I found the idea of broadcasting the writing process amusing, hence these skits which I’m hoping will appear every Friday. These posts will be very much based on and inspired by the skit, so I’d recommend listening to it- it can be found here. Enjoy!

Broadcaster: And welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, as we take you to the Greek fields on this very lovely morning to watch the poet Homer compose his epic masterpiece, The Iliad. What do you think we have to look forward to today, Dennis? Continue reading

Some belated blogging awards, Goodreads, and Camp NaNoWriMo

I was nominated for a couple blogging awards in the span of the last few months, and because I’m a lazy and forgetful person, never actually got around to passing them on. Plus I’m on Goodreads and am doing Camp NaNoWriMo, so I wanted take care of it all in a housekeeping post of sorts. Continue reading