Readathon: Rounding the Last Turn

I will admit right now that if you’re measuring my progress in books, then the fact that I haven’t even finished one in the past six hours is rather embarrassing. On the other hand, if I say that I’ve read over 550 pages of Royal Assassin, does that make it a bit more impressive? Continue reading


Readathon: The Halfway Mark

I do not have as many exciting things to say for this one, other than much tea has been drunk and the hockey game has started, which is always awesome, if a bit distracting. But I do have what I think is a rather fun derivation of a speech from Henry V. Continue reading

Readathon: The First Six (ish) Hours

What’s up, fellow readers? I found I had more progress – and frankly more fun- when I switched off the computer, so that’s what I did, for the most part. But I’m not jumping off the online world entirely for the Readathon. I said before (I think) that I’m going to update every six hours, so here you go. The first update! *bells and whistles* Continue reading

Thoughts on ‘Zoo City’

If you have to live with a constant reminder of your worst action, do you think you could move on from it?

Given how much I cringe over mishaps that took place 10 years ago, I know I couldn’t. But Zinzi December, the narrator of Zoo City, is able to. Just not at first.

From the beginning of the story, she has a constant companion, who never leaves her side. At first glance, this companion wouldn’t seem too much of a burden. He’s a sloth. They’re kind of cute animals, maybe a pain to carry around, but having one shouldn’t be a big deal. Right?

Wrong. If you have an animal, you’re an outcast. Continue reading

So Many Letters

So a while back, I received some blogging awards, which to my ever-lasting shame, I never got around to actually filling out. I finally decided that I would start with the most intimidating tag first, to get it out of the way, and also because filling everything that it needed took me a really long time.

So the first award I’m going to address was given to me by the lovely Becky, for Awesome Blog Content. Which is very sweet, and made me feel horribly embarrassed that I’ve been slacking off so much on my posting. I have some book reviews coming up, so I promise that I will be getting back to regularly scheduled posting soon.

Anyway, the task for this is to come up with an A-Z list of things that fit my personality. Which took me a really long time. But here it is, and I hope you find something new about me here! Continue reading