Criticizing Shakespeare

When a writer’s works remain an integral part of high school reading for over 300 years, you know the person did something right. The question is what it was that makes that person’s words resonate across the centuries. Continue reading


Poetry- A Statue’s Smile

A Statue’s Smile

Storm clouds had gathered high over the moor
While the wind moaned like a spirit in pain.
The light from the inn shone out like a beacon,
Tainting the night with a bright gold stain.
Laughter rang out from the wayside building,
As a merry tale concluded with cheer.
In answer, gales pounded the lonely inn,
And one man jumped up with an air of delight.
“Here we have time in the form of a storm-
let us sit back and hear tales of the dark
To give a shiver or two while we wait
For morning’s arrival.” They all agreed. Continue reading

Thoughts on “Salem’s Lot”

Vampires have undergone a transformation in our culture from very deadly (if attractive) undead demons in human form to handsome self-loathing Byronic heroes with more angst than Batman on the anniversary of his parents’ death. Usually these latter incarnations only happen to have fangs and aversion to sunlight (and in some cases not even that), and have an easily controlled bloodlust that allows to sleep with a love interest as much as possible.

Luckily ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King was written long before any of these modern trends became popular. Continue reading

Poetry- Devils Dance In Droves

Devils dance in droves
In the country and the city.
Knowing what they know,
They laugh without any pity.
Taking hearts and minds
In their clever taunting hands,
Whispering their lines
Of light, and making sweet demands.
All their works and deeds
Do nothing to ease their sorrows.
Their wits can only thieve,
Not comprehend all that life borrows.

A/N: Just something where the first two lines popped into my head and I wanted to see where they led. Just a distraction- back to paper writing now…