Vampires Will Not Be Reformed By Sex

Or alternatively titled: An in-depth explanation of why I HATE paranormal romance. Continue reading


Why I gave up on ‘Wheel of Time’ after 100 pages

This sort of toes the line between a book review and an opinion, but I make enough textual references that it can barely qualify as a book review. Also, this is really long. Continue reading

Thoughts on Robin Hobb’s ‘Assassin’s Apprentice’

I’ve read several adult fantasy books that have done a good job pulling me into their story. But most of these books are part of a series. And unfortunately, it’s been a really long time since I’ve read a series that has held up to the promise it held in the first book.Some of them peter out when the author realized they could make more money spinning their story endlessly, or the series loses focus and cause the story to come to a grinding halt (George R.R. Martin, I am still annoyed at you and “A Feast For Crows.”)

So I’m hoping desperately that The Farseer Trilogy as a whole doesn’t collapse in a similar manner. Because I really loved the first book. Continue reading