Concerning Chases (to the death), Telepathy (possibly), and Zombies (of a sort)

I don’t usually remember my dreams, and rarely do I have any that last long enough to be worth mentioning. There are a couple that have stuck in my memory: a nightmare that I’m not delving into here because the two times I’ve had it disturbed me deeply and I would wake up in full catapult style; and a dream about a horse of unlikely colors that became mine. In the case of the latter I was very young (and furious when I woke up). In the case of the former, I’ve just tried to suppress the memory as much as I can.

But the dream I had last night (well, two nights ago at the time of this posting) was so bizarrely coherent that I thought I’d share what I recall. Continue reading


First Day of School- FWF prompt

Moving to a new place is never easy, especially when that place is two states away from where you’ve grown up.

Add attending a school for the first time ever, after years of homeschooling, and it makes the first day of classes more nervewracking than an overtime hockey game. Continue reading

Coffee Terms of Terror

Magic in the Backyard is a site I enjoy for the poetry snippets and the very pretty layout. There are also quite a few writing prompts there, one of which is Free Write Friday, and this week’s prompt made me think of a sketch written some time ago for my creative writing class. It doesn’t technically qualify for the prompt, since it wasn’t free-written, but I thought I’d share it on this blog. Enjoy!

Could also be titled: Help! I’m at my first day of work! Continue reading

The Adventures of Eowyn and Arwen

The ending of Lord of the Rings wasn’t the end of the character’s adventures- certainly not when you can pretend to be your favorite character and devise your own stories. In which Eowyn and Arwen- as played by two eight year old girls- rescue their husbands from Cirith Ungol. Continue reading