First Day of School- FWF prompt

Moving to a new place is never easy, especially when that place is two states away from where you’ve grown up.

Add attending a school for the first time ever, after years of homeschooling, and it makes the first day of classes more nervewracking than an overtime hockey game. Continue reading


Thoughts on ‘Cold Magic’

When an immensely complicated history strongly affects the present, it can make explaining the present difficult. Continue reading

Tagging Trivias

I was tagged to answer eleven questions by Elizabeth R. at Quite Novel, and since I appreciate the chance to talk about myself even more than usual, I will answer them here. However since I know some people like to keep their blogs focused one whatever their interests are as opposed to personal stuff, I’ll leave my questions open to either being taken for a blog post or answered in the comments. If any of my questions at the end look like fun- have at them! Continue reading