Poetry: I have a cat

I have a cat, and she is not mysterious.
Shoulders hunched; a twitching tail,
Pointed ears and eyes so curious,
All these show a hunter hale-
I have a cat, and she is not mysterious.

I have a cat and she is not aloof.
For one, she knows I let her eat.
She recognizes “No!” as a reproof,
Begs to play and always comes to greet.
I have a cat, and she is not aloof.

I have a cat, and she is scarcely wicked.
(Perhaps a little, casing cupboard doors
Or leaping when she knows she hasn’t listened.)
No more solitude with all its bores-
I have a cat, and she is scarcely wicked.

But when she walks in utter silence,
There is the stamp of self-reliance,
Some flicker of a tiger’s child.
I have a cat – and she is wild.

I got Sydney in June; she’s an adventure and a half and a pretty major reason for not blogging much in that month (writing was the other). This has been simmering in my head since the first day she came home.

Cat and book


The Wrath of the Bicycle Gods

I consider myself a fairly rational person, despite my love for all things fantasy and sci-fi. According to the (admittedly suspect) Meyers-Briggs personality test, my personality type is INTJ, and I can confirm that trying to reason things through dominates a lot of the way I view the world.

So when I say that I’ve been cursed by the bicycle gods, there’s a lot of scientific thought backing this statement. Continue reading

Concerning Chases (to the death), Telepathy (possibly), and Zombies (of a sort)

I don’t usually remember my dreams, and rarely do I have any that last long enough to be worth mentioning. There are a couple that have stuck in my memory: a nightmare that I’m not delving into here because the two times I’ve had it disturbed me deeply and I would wake up in full catapult style; and a dream about a horse of unlikely colors that became mine. In the case of the latter I was very young (and furious when I woke up). In the case of the former, I’ve just tried to suppress the memory as much as I can.

But the dream I had last night (well, two nights ago at the time of this posting) was so bizarrely coherent that I thought I’d share what I recall. Continue reading

First Day of School- FWF prompt

Moving to a new place is never easy, especially when that place is two states away from where you’ve grown up.

Add attending a school for the first time ever, after years of homeschooling, and it makes the first day of classes more nervewracking than an overtime hockey game. Continue reading

The Friday Broadcast- Homer Writes ‘The Iliad’

While I was griping about Fifty Shades of Grime Grey to my father a few weeks back, he mentioned that I might enjoy a Monty Python skit called Novel Writing, which chronicles Thomas Hardy writing The Return of the Native in standard Pythonesque style- that is to say with complete insanity. I found the idea of broadcasting the writing process amusing, hence these skits which I’m hoping will appear every Friday. These posts will be very much based on and inspired by the skit, so I’d recommend listening to it- it can be found here. Enjoy!

Broadcaster: And welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, as we take you to the Greek fields on this very lovely morning to watch the poet Homer compose his epic masterpiece, The Iliad. What do you think we have to look forward to today, Dennis? Continue reading

Coffee Terms of Terror

Magic in the Backyard is a site I enjoy for the poetry snippets and the very pretty layout. There are also quite a few writing prompts there, one of which is Free Write Friday, and this week’s prompt made me think of a sketch written some time ago for my creative writing class. It doesn’t technically qualify for the prompt, since it wasn’t free-written, but I thought I’d share it on this blog. Enjoy!

Could also be titled: Help! I’m at my first day of work! Continue reading

Poetry- The Fairies’ Hour

The Fairies’ Hour

If you dare to walk into the mountains,
Be sure to have blessed water in your hand.
If nighttime falls and you see starlit fountains,
Know that wonder marks a dangerous land.
Should music sweet fall on your careless ears
With melodies of joy both fair and eerie,
Be warned: those revels bring you only tears.
You are but human; they’re otherworldly.
If you insist on walking in the night
And near their haunts, moved by some strange folly,
Know the force of their spells ends at first light,
And if you go, bring a branch of holly.
These mountains at night are filled with power;
There fairy-folk dwell and midnight’s their hour.

A/N: The meter of this one is completely off-kilter and the fact that it was a sonnet put a bit of a cramp on all the things I wanted for this warning against the Good People. That said, I rather like it. Hope you enjoyed!