Thoughts on ‘In the Garden of the Beasts’

You know that mantra “Study history or repeat it?”

It’s wrong.

Studying history isn’t going to be enough to avoid repeating it. Learning from history is what will prevent us from falling into the same old cycles. In the Garden of the Beasts by Erik Larsson is a tricky book to classify insofar as history goes. It’s a stunning portrait of life in Germany while Hitler came to power. And it’s very unsettling, because the burden of learning from this is placed almost entirely on the reader. Continue reading


Why I’m Giving Up On Goodreads

Time to blow off the dust on this thing! It’s been a very busy summer, but hopefully I will be able to have more frequent posting from here on out. I plan on actually creating a schedule (it remains to be seen how well I’ll actually stick to it). But you have to start somewhere, and right now, the best way to do that is an announcement!

So here it is: I’m giving up on Goodreads.

I’m sure the four people following me there will be crushed, but honestly, it’s time for me. Continue reading