A Quick Grammar-ly Rant: In Defense of the Oxford Comma

Apparently the serial comma is now considered an archaic form of punctuation.

I have to say I disagree. Very strongly. Continue reading


Fictional Guys I’d Run Away With, Part 2

In case you missed Part 1, here’s the final group of fictional men with whom I would happily run off into the sunset.

4) Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre.

Yes, I know- the wife in the attic, the leading on of another woman, the high-handed treatment of his fiancée; he ain’t no role model. I get it. He’s messed up. Continue reading

Stereotypes, Caricatures, and Straw Men- and why fiction should avoid them

Writing good characters is a difficult task. And it’s tempting, when you, as an author, have control of fictional lives, to hold them to the way you think they should act and make them say and do things that you hold dear.

For the love of Tolkien, please don’t do this. It’s an abuse of trust on the author’s part. Continue reading

(mostly) Unlimited Ambitions

On the first day of my literary journalism class, the professor asked what our dream situation twenty years from now was. He emphasized that for this particular question, he wanted the pure dream situation- no thought for practicality or difficulty, no restraint of likelihood.

That’s a tough one to tackle at 8:00am. Continue reading