Thoughts on ‘Stardust’

“If you bring me that star, the one that just fell, not another star, then I’ll kiss you.”

A few weeks ago when I was talking with my mother, she told me that she thought I would really enjoy the movie Stardust, saying that I would enjoy the film’s jokes and premise. Due to papers, finals and general paranoia about online movie watching, I couldn’t find a way to watch the movie. So I read the book instead.

And I was very pleasantly surprised by it. Continue reading


Thoughts on “Shades of Grey”

This is a requested review of a short story collection that is horribly, shamefully late. I apologize to the author who asked me to review it for the delay- my only excuse is finals, and even that doesn’t hold up terribly well under close scrutiny. Regardless, here is the review, and hopefully it will be useful! Continue reading

Poetry- The Fairies’ Hour

The Fairies’ Hour

If you dare to walk into the mountains,
Be sure to have blessed water in your hand.
If nighttime falls and you see starlit fountains,
Know that wonder marks a dangerous land.
Should music sweet fall on your careless ears
With melodies of joy both fair and eerie,
Be warned: those revels bring you only tears.
You are but human; they’re otherworldly.
If you insist on walking in the night
And near their haunts, moved by some strange folly,
Know the force of their spells ends at first light,
And if you go, bring a branch of holly.
These mountains at night are filled with power;
There fairy-folk dwell and midnight’s their hour.

A/N: The meter of this one is completely off-kilter and the fact that it was a sonnet put a bit of a cramp on all the things I wanted for this warning against the Good People. That said, I rather like it. Hope you enjoyed!

Guest Poetry- The Devil’s In The Desert

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I come from a large family. A very talented family, whose abilities in the realms of art, acting, reading, and general understanding all overshadow mine. This post is a showcasing of that ability- this poem was written by my sister after she read this scribbling (quite literally a scribble, I wrote it while waiting at a train station), and her work is superior to mine in pretty much every respect. So enjoy this glimpse into the verse of my very talented younger sister! Continue reading