An update

I’m not dead and neither is the blog- it’s just up until rather recently my life hasn’t really been my own, primarily because of the demands of work. However, I recently switched jobs, with the result that I have a lot more time to write and read while being able to keep a roof over my head. Which is great- I read more books in November than I’d thought was possible for me to do ever again, and hopefully I can keep that pace up.

I’m going to be putting up a post on one of those books tomorrow. In the meantime I want to apologize to anyone who’s commented and never got an answer. I’d see the comments, be delighted and embarrassed that someone was still reading this thing, and then they’d get buried in my inbox without the chance for me to respond. At this point I’m going to just let them lie, largely out of shame, but going forward, I’m going to try to answer any comments I get — if blogs still get comments nowadays — more promptly.

In the meantime, enjoy my cat making reading even harder than it already is.


I’m not dead!

Just wanted to say very quickly that I’m still alive and haven’t abandoned the blog in any way- I got back from college about three weeks ago to find that our internet connection has been practically non-existent. I can only get online for about five minutes before the connection drops and haven’t had time to consistently check email, tweet, or post anything. But I have stuff lined up, so things will get started again once I have internet. Just be patient and know that if you comment on anything and I don’t respond, it’s because I can’t get to the comment, not because I’m ignoring you. Hopefully all is going well for you guys!