Story is not enough

It’s very hard to write when you are sick at heart.

For me – an American – the events of the past few months have caused a renewal of heartache. My country’s election of a corrupt, cruel, and venomous buffoon to the position of national leader was undeniably a catalyst, but the ache predates even his rise to power. We live a time of almost unbearable strangeness, where one can go with a few clicks from cat videos to pornography to people pratfalling off treadmills. People can live decades with diseases that would have been death sentences a few decades ago, doctors can videoconference to surgery tables, and we can see light-years away with stunning clarity.

These are the days of miracle, to paraphrase Paul Simon, but not of wonder. Continue reading


Mystery and Its Merit

Most of this particular blog focuses on fantasy and not much else, or at least it has for the first year. In the interests of varying the content and showing that I do read more than The Lord of the Rings over and over again, I’m going to try and talk a little more about other, more philosophical and meaningful things.

Like mysteries! Continue reading

Why stories?

Sometimes I wish my blog was more useful than it was. I wish I had advice on how to get into the publishing industry, or make a bestselling story. Maybe my blog would be better if I offered more advice, sought out an audience, focused more on social networking, or tried to promote myself more.

But I keep focusing on stories, and I think I now have the words for why. Continue reading