On the name change and what things will look like going forward

The rename was a long time in coming, but I think it suits the blog better for where I’d like to take it now that I am no longer a college student (which reminds me I have to update my ‘About’ page). But in keeping with the Monty Python theme, the phrase is derived from the Spanish Inquisition skit.

I promise the room is cleaner now

I promise the room is cleaner now

I’m still going to do book reviews- I think it’ll be the only way to get me through the massive stacks of books I have. On a recent organization of my room, I counted up 164 physical books, not counting the ones I have on my Kindle; about 30, give or take a few, hadn’t been read at all or had been opened so long ago that I may as well not have opened them (and I have no bookshelves. Make of this what you will). I will, however, try and stretch a bit and get some nonfiction reviews in, which should be an interesting endeavor.

I’m also hoping to get more of my own works up on the blog once I get a bit more settled and have some finished that I like.

For categories and formatting, I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to merge “Unsolicited Opinions” with “Essays” but for now I’m going to keep them separate.

When I have some free time (ha), I’ll probably go through some of my older posts and weed out the pictures I used when I was dumber about these things and thought Googling an image meant it was automatically fair game to use. I did consider taking down some of my older posts, as the writing and humor attempts of some are just painfully bad, but if I was dumb enough to think it worth posting online a few years ago, I should bear with that decision now. Not to mention the internet is forever, and it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find an archived version if I ended up removing anything.

As evidenced by the long absences between updates, I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on. If you guys want to recommend any of yours that I’ve missed, feel free to do so!

Currently listening to: The Interstellar soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.
Just finished reading: “Bannerless” by Carrie Vaughn. A rather nice take on what might happen after the end times, particularly for focusing on how people might live as opposed to the destruction of the world as we know it.


4 thoughts on “On the name change and what things will look like going forward

  1. You can keep your messy room and the new blog title, but I insist that the photo of you sweating and hyperventilating on the finish line be returned to its rightful place at the very top.

    I don’t think you should take down the older posts. I often cringe at my early posts but they serve as an indicator of how much I’ve improved as time went on.

    The Interstellar soundtrack is fantastic.

    • Haha, that photo was never at the top, though! It was the featured image for that particular post, which meant that it takes the place of the header on that particular image. But I never made it the header for the whole the blog (and I object to the hyperventilating characterization, I was breathing very well given the distance I’d just run).
      That’s a good point about improving, but it still doesn’t render the posts any less cringeworthy for me. Hopefully time will help.
      It really, really is- easily one of the best parts of that entire film.

  2. Oooh, a name change, exciting stuff!
    I must admit to not getting the reference though, I think I’ve only ever seen about 5 minutes of Monty Python in my lifetime.

    I’m with Cargill on not deleting the old posts. Most people don’t look at them or come across them anyway when they’re buried under newer blog posts, and it is nice (although cringy) to look back on some of them and see how your style has changed and improved. (My first ever book review is the cringiest thing ever, see link for proof: https://beckysblogs.wordpress.com/2011/09/10/i-am-number-four-review-rating-35/

    I’ve missed your book reviews, so I look forward to reading some new ones!

    • It’s linked to close to the relevant part of the skit if you feel like checking it out 🙂
      True, but then I look at my activity log in the back end and see the old posts are getting read and I want to add a gigantic disclaimer to them like “Please be aware these are not representative of blog as whole” or something like that. (I can see the difference between it and The Diviners review just a few paragraphs in- you are braver than I for going back that far, I’m too terrified to do it yet for fear it’ll make me want to burn everything and digitally salt the space).

      Thanks! I’m hoping to get a nonfiction one finished some time over the weekend. It’s new territory, and I loved the book in question, so hopefully it’ll be interesting to readers too.


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