A Quick Update

What’s this? A blog post?

Yes, I’m actually alive. Admittedly buried alive under piles of papers, internship obligations, housing stuff, and finals. but alive nonetheless.

Anyhow, once I claw my way out of the depths of papers and get myself out of the Lovecraftian tentacles of novella editing, I’m hoping to have a bit more activity on the blog. Though I’ll be having a 8ish to 5ish job for the summer, so I don’t know how often I’m going to be updating. But I’ll try and be a bit better than I was this summer.

Anyway, here’s what’s coming down the pike (hopefully) in a few days.

A review of Arclight, by Josin McQuein that came out a while back, that I won an ARC of and read with full intention of reviewing in time for release date. Of course that didn’t exactly happen as planned. I have many mixed thoughts on this particular work, since I really wanted to like it and almooost did. Almost being the key word, sadly. It might turn into a rant about my bad experiences with YA but I’m hoping that won’t happen.

A post on the Game of Thrones television show and why women might have problems watching it that DO NOT boil down to “It’s complicated!” and “Ew, gross!” I may also touch on reasons why I still can’t quit the show despite my major problems with it.

A review of a book called Gentleman Captain that I got for Christmas. I like the writing style and story but am about a third of the way through the book and have spent most of that wanting to use the main character as a punching bag for being an insufferable snob.

A post about how TV shows have a pretty major storytelling problem unless they’re willing to commit to an ending. There might be a lot of gushing over Breaking Bad in this one. I’ll try and keep that to a minimum.

A rundown of some webcomics that have good art and good stories. And that I enjoy reading.

I’m seriously thinking about doing chapter by chapter recaps of The Da Vinci Code, in honor of Dan Brown’s newest release and because this book is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read, albeit unintentionally so. I can’t decide if I should live-tweet it and use embedding to put the tweets on the blog, live-tweet and recap, or if I should wait and get a camera charger to do video recordings of it. Some of the sentences have to be read aloud to believed, so I’d like to do the latter option, but I don’t have good video editing software anymore and have too many upcoming expenses to want to fork over for Adobe Premier.  I’m leaning toward live-tweet and recap at the moment. We’ll see what happens when finals die down.

In the realm of good literature, I’m reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and recently found a 99-cent e-book of The Count of Monte Cristo, which is a demonstration of how to do a crazy story and conspiracy right (just saying, Mr. Brown). And I have a few other big books that I’d like to read once summer gets under way, like finishing the Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide that I’ve been working on forever (mostly confined to re-reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy multiple times).

In the realm of interesting things that are going on elsewhere, Cleolinda Jones is in the process of doing a live-reading of Game of Thrones. (This might or might not have made me want to recap Da Vinci Code) Her reactions are delightfully funny as always, and if you can I’d highly recommend checking out her stuff, though it can suck you in for several hours. Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has been doing well! Feel free to tell me what you’ve been reading or what you’re writing or if something exciting happened like meeting a wizard or finding out you’re one. I’d love to know, it’s been too long since I talked with people around here.


7 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Hurrah! We all thought you’d finally taken up arguing in your spare time, and had no space for us faithful followers.

    Nowt exciting here, but I’m currently storming through book 4 of Game of Thrones. I’m around 40% into it, and there seems to be an increase in “here’s some tedious background story lore stuff about a city/god/knight/dragon/bit of grass” sections that I’m skipping. Other than that, it’s pretty nifty. Cersei is, in fact, almost as paranoid as someone I work with.

    I quite enjoyed the film of Da Vinci Code, although I seem to be the only one. Not read any of Mr Brown’s books.

    Some webcomics are very good, though I never remember to go back and read them again.

    And getting hold of Adobe Premier for free is easy if you’re interested in finding out how…

    • Ugh, Book 4 was the one that I almost threw across the room. I really ought to give it another try, but it was really boring and it seemed like Martin just had no more interest in the story. I mean, only half the characters were in it (and not because they’d been killed off, just because they couldn’t fit). I really need to try it again though, because awful as i found the lack of editing, I don’t trust the TV show to capture it accurately at all.

      Does your free method of obtaining it involve illegal downloads and such? I’m too paranoid about my university catching me and kicking me out I would never consider anything other than strictly legal methods *cough*

      • My free method does involve illegal downloads, yes.

        Fair point about the university thing. If you’re ever back at home/suddenly decide to throw caution to the wind, give me a poke on Twitter or email and I can sort you out with pretty much any software you might want…

  2. I say, a blog post, woohoooooooo!!!! All sounds like exciting stuff making its way to a town near us soon. 🙂 Looking forward to reading it. As for me, I took a trip up to Edinburgh which was pretty awesome, I’m undecided whether I should do a blog post on it or not…


    • I would! I’d love to hear about a trip, I’m not going anywhere this summer 😛 But on the bright side, I am interning! Yay experience.

      I WILL NEVER STOP (tempting you with the first three books, that is).


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