Readathon: The Halfway Mark

I do not have as many exciting things to say for this one, other than much tea has been drunk and the hockey game has started, which is always awesome, if a bit distracting. But I do have what I think is a rather fun derivation of a speech from Henry V.

Reading-wise, I’m 200 pages into Royal Assassin, and while I have quite a few thoughts, I’m going to reserve judgment until I get to the end of the book. I also read 60 pages worth of novellas for my fiction class, because I had to get them done somehow and it was nice to finish them in before I fell into deranged sleep-deprived ramblings. I also read a couple stories from the Sandman comic “Dream Country,” specifically ‘Dream of  a Thousand Cats’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ I’ve read both before, and while the prose of ‘Dream of a Thousand Cats’ was a lot clunkier than I remembered on my first reading, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ retained all of the awesomeness it had when I first encountered it. It’s basically William Shakespeare’s company performing Midsummer for the fairy court, as commissioned by the Dream Lord Morpheus. It’s a joy to read, the art is good, and I love that the story portrays Puck as very dangerous and creepy.

I don’t really have much else to add at the moment, so here’s what the reading area looks like.

DSC01236Can you tell it’s a college dorm?

Anyhow, once more into the breach, dear friends once more, and close the wall up with our piles of books! Online there’s nothing so becomes a man as modest literacy and inattention. But when the blast of Readathon hammers on our brains, then imitate the action of the bookworm! Open the covers, summon up the vocab, and revoke quick texting in favor of hard-favored classics! On, on you noblest readers, and upon this charge, cry Dewey, reading, and St. Jerome!



11 thoughts on “Readathon: The Halfway Mark

  1. Wow, I don’t know how you read so fast Maggie I’m jealous, LOL. Even if I wasn’t updating my blog so much I wouldn’t have read nearly that much. What time is it where you are?

    • I think it’s just habit, I’ve been reading this fast pretty much ever since I can remember. I also have to admit I have a habit of skimming over-large blocks of description, though I don’t ever skip them entirely.
      Where I am, it’s 8:52 pm. Since I’m primarily nocturnal anyway, I’m rather enjoying it all.

      • Really? I can never skip stuff, whenever I try to I always end up going back again because it niggles at me in the back of my mind.

        Wow, I find time differences so crazy, it’s 3am where I am. 🙂

        • Hey, I don’t skip! But I do skim…. because sometimes an author can be overly in love with their own words, even if I love their writing in other respects. I mean, I really like Royal Assassin thus far, but if Hobb had been able cut out a quarter of Fitz’s teenage angst, the book would be shorter by about a third, or so I’m guessing 😛

          And yeah, time differences are weird. I’m trying not to think of what mental state I’ll be in once I get to 3 a.m….

          • Haha sorry, skip, skim, it all looks the same at this time in the morning when I’ve been staring at words all day, LOL. Haha, fair enough.

            Heheee, now that I would love to read a blog post on. 😛


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