Readathon: The First Six (ish) Hours

What’s up, fellow readers? I found I had more progress – and frankly more fun- when I switched off the computer, so that’s what I did, for the most part. But I’m not jumping off the online world entirely for the Readathon. I said before (I think) that I’m going to update every six hours, so here you go. The first update! *bells and whistles*

Though it’s more six-ish hours right now, as I sort of stretched 7am to include 7:42 am and onwards. I’ll try and make up for it, I swear!

Anyway, so far, I’ve re-read all 435 pages of Assassin’s Apprentice, of which I’d forgotten huge swaths and ugh, I LOVE THAT BOOK. I’m about 50 pages into the second one so far, and I seriously think this world and this series needs more love. I love that Robin Hobb takes a medieval-esque world and puts her own spin on it entirely. There’s politicking and creepiness in spades, and I love it so much. I’ve gotten a wish for more fantasy that focused on politics ever since reading Game of Thrones and the succeeding books, but even this one isn’t quite as political, it’s still alliance and diplomacy heavy, along with backstabbing and treachery, and I kind of adore it. Even the magic restrictions in place are saturated with how they’ll affect the running of the kingdom, there’s danger outside Buckkeep (the palace) and within, and Forging is damn terrifying as the outside threat, and I hate Regal… and I basically got lost in the world all over again. It’s not a pleasant place per se, but unlike GRRM’s Westeros, it’s not all doom and gloom and endless deaths of people you love. There’s still humanity and goodness to be found, even if people still get routinely caught in really rough decisions.

I do wish that the narrative could branch out to other viewpoints occasionally, since Fitz can be over-angsty for my taste. But I can sort of forgive him because if anyone ever had reason to be angsty, it’s that kid, who grew up shunned, in a very awkward position because of the fact that he’s the bastard of the King-in-Waiting who was forced to abdicate due to the scandal. Add to that the fact that when he tried to learn the magic of the Skill, which could have made FitzChivalry an invaluable tool to his king and greatly lessened the power of the people who want to kill him (Fitz, not the king, though Shrewd does have his share of enemies), he got an instructor who makes Severus Snape look like a viable candidate for Teacher of the Year.

The other story I read, in between starting the second book of the Farseer Trilogy, was “Hatchling” by Laini Taylor, who wrote Daughter of Smoke and Bone, one of the few YA romances that I didn’t want to throw against the wall. And holy crap, was “Hatchling way darker than I was expecting. There’s all sorts of freaky background, creepy demons, characters who are uncomfortably sympathetic given the horrible things they’ve done, and absolutely gorgeous writing. I loved it, but it freaked me out. Not in a “check-under-the-bed” way, but a “Dear God, Ms. Taylor, what the HELL is your imagination?” way.

Anyhow, all told I’ve read about 555 pages of combined book and novella, and had three cups of tea and some cookies. And before I get too deranged-looking and sleep-deprived, here’s a snapshot of what I’m reading now:

DSC01232As you can tell, I’m looking glamorous and elegant as usual </sarcasm> I did want to show off the sweater though, because I made it myself and am rather proud of how it turned out. I’m less proud of my hair and the bookmark falling out of Royal Assassin but you can’t have everything.

Hope the reading is going well, everyone! Six(ish) hours down, 18 more to go!


14 thoughts on “Readathon: The First Six (ish) Hours

  1. Is that… it’s a pic of Mags! And she looks utterly corking!

    Did you make the jumper during the 2013 Knitathon? It’s fab.

    I’m going to be starting Game of Thrones in the next couple of days, I hear lots of good things about it.

    PS – is that a pic of an ultrasound scan behind you…?

    • Thank you! And if by knitathon, you mean spring break, then yes, I suppose that is when I made it. I quite like it myself.

      I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Game of Thrones. I loved the first three books, but have yet to get through the fourth. I think his editor was on vacation or driven to drink by all the House names at that point.

      Why on earth would there be an ultrasound scan behind me? It’s a poster that I think is meant to be an abstraction of the Creation of the world. and if all of it was visible, there’s a nature setting framed by stained glass, with the pond in the nature setting pouring down to form the galaxies and stars. It’s quite cool.

  2. Congratulations on reading so much during the first six hours! Hopefully the remainder of the readathon is equally productive for you! Good luck!

    • Thank you so much! I think the trickiest thing about it was that I sort of cobbled the thing together from two different patterns, but it wasn’t too bad to actually make. I think the hardest thing is to get enough yarn to actually make the thing 😛 The stuff is just so damn expensive.

  3. WOW you’ve made epic progress! Way to go Maggie! I’ve only read 129 pages lol and am suffering from a bit of a headache if I’m honest, mostly due to the stress of my INTERNET GOING OUT. UGH. MY LIFE. It threw me a little off balance to say the least. Are you participating in any of the mini-challenges?

    Great picture, I can’t believe you made that sweater yourself, that’s amazing!

  4. Great job! I can’t for the life of me knit, so kudos on that too!. It is indeed easier to advance when you are not tempted to surf the web;)


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