Why stories?

Sometimes I wish my blog was more useful than it was. I wish I had advice on how to get into the publishing industry, or make a bestselling story. Maybe my blog would be better if I offered more advice, sought out an audience, focused more on social networking, or tried to promote myself more.

But I keep focusing on stories, and I think I now have the words for why.

Industries, tips, means of making money, health, and living tips are good things for a blog to have. Such things make our lives better, and enable us to live in comfort and well.

But once we live in comfort, what comes next? Living in comfort is something that every creature aspires to some degree, an offshoot of the basic animal instinct to survive and feed. We follow those instincts very differently from animals, but we do pursue survival and food, security and comfort. It’s what we do after these things are obtained that tell most about us. Reading and writing are some of the most important things we can do in our leisure, precisely because we don’t have to do either of those things. There are more ‘useful’ occupations with to spend our time. But taking in stories- or telling them- satisfies something in us. They’re entertaining. They can enlighten us about new kinds of people and places.

I also think that stories function on a much deeper level. Storytelling dominates our lives; we learn concepts in school, but they sink based on examples: basically miniaturized stories. Casual conversation will be filled with anecdotes of events that happened either to ourselves, our friends, or the friends of friends. And if you subscribe to the worrying view that literacy/education/general smarts are on the decline, especially among us younger folk (and unfortunately certain stats suggest this isn’t altogether unfounded) then I honestly believe that good stories can help turn those around. Anyone is willing to put effort into something that repays them in some way, and stories help us think about the world and ourselves at their best. And even when they’re just there for entertainment, I still think that’s worthwhile. Getting invested in other worlds and fictional characters satisfies a curiosity about what’s out there that we can’t see for ourselves, and does so in a way that, ideally, can improve our minds.

I think that’s worth devoting a blog to. And maybe someday I’ll have more than just a collection of disjointed ramblings on storytelling- ideally I’ll have made a few stories of my own.




4 thoughts on “Why stories?

  1. Useful, schmuseful.

    A hammer is useful, whereas a book isn’t. The book is far more enjoyable, and you can talk about it’s contents until the early hours of the morning.

    Although smashing things up with a hammer is great fun as well.

    Have you changed the picture at the top? I swear you have. ’tis nice.

    • I can think of many things that would be fun to smash up with a hammer, but I don’t think I could afford either the replacement and insurance costs. And as far as talking about book content goes- I can usually talk well into twenty-four hours 😛

      I actually haven’t changed anything, sorry! I have thought about altering either the header or the tiny pic that shows up at the tab, but haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it yet.

    • *Agree’s with Michael and nods head enthusiastically*
      I don’t actually like super professional blogs at all, it makes the whole thing seem almost a little too clinical, like they’ve forgotten the role of a blog is almost more raw and insightful (like this little post) rather than a pitch to an audience for their own personal gain. Sure thinking about your audience can be good, but it’s best not to take it to the extreme. I always think a blog should be more about you and what you want to write, unless of course you’re trying to run a business. 😛

      P.S. I like your header the way it is! Although maybe you could change your gravatar to something that describes your blog a little better. But your header was one of the first things that tempted me to follow your blog, those are some nice looking books. 😉

      • That’s good to know 🙂 I am very glad you enjoy the posts as they are, since I enjoy writing posts as I compose them now- long, tangents, everything thorough. And since I thankfully am not trying to run a business I guess it all works out!

        Nah, the gravatar is going to stay. It’s one of the few pictures I’ve taken of nature that I like, and I prefer to keep that one as is XD But I am very glad you like the header- I’m afraid my bookshelf hasn’t looked that organized since I took that photo a little more than a year ago, but I am very glad it hooked you in 🙂


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