For those of you who can’t wait for The Hobbit, have your fill of interviews- and six clips from the movie- over at Heirs of Durin. Though not even watching all the clips all day will make the movie come to theaters faster. Not that I tried that or anything.

Heirs of Durin

Untitled-1 has more Hobbit video than you can handle.  Here is a list of all the stuff you can watch to spoil yourself silly before the film, including interviews with the actors while on set, tons of behind-the-scenes moments, and 6 new scenes from the film.

Wonderful as this material is, I won’t be able to screencap any more of it, or make updates on the site, for a few days. I have my own adventure to go on 🙂 But I will be back at it soon enough.



Video log B-rolls.  Tons of behind-the-scenes moments: *spoilers*

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