Poetry- The Fairies’ Hour

The Fairies’ Hour

If you dare to walk into the mountains,
Be sure to have blessed water in your hand.
If nighttime falls and you see starlit fountains,
Know that wonder marks a dangerous land.
Should music sweet fall on your careless ears
With melodies of joy both fair and eerie,
Be warned: those revels bring you only tears.
You are but human; they’re otherworldly.
If you insist on walking in the night
And near their haunts, moved by some strange folly,
Know the force of their spells ends at first light,
And if you go, bring a branch of holly.
These mountains at night are filled with power;
There fairy-folk dwell and midnight’s their hour.

A/N: The meter of this one is completely off-kilter and the fact that it was a sonnet put a bit of a cramp on all the things I wanted for this warning against the Good People. That said, I rather like it. Hope you enjoyed!


7 thoughts on “Poetry- The Fairies’ Hour

  1. I loved the feeling of dangerous beauty this conveys! I would try taking out an extraneous word here or there to improve the pacing, but overall it sounds great!

    • Thank you! Though I’m sure your poetry’s fine- don’t sell yourself short. I think I just got lucky for this one- it came together with relative ease. Most of the time I have to fight to get anything that halfway resembles decency…

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