Poetry- A Statue’s Smile

A Statue’s Smile

Storm clouds had gathered high over the moor
While the wind moaned like a spirit in pain.
The light from the inn shone out like a beacon,
Tainting the night with a bright gold stain.
Laughter rang out from the wayside building,
As a merry tale concluded with cheer.
In answer, gales pounded the lonely inn,
And one man jumped up with an air of delight.
“Here we have time in the form of a storm-
let us sit back and hear tales of the dark
To give a shiver or two while we wait
For morning’s arrival.” They all agreed.

“I went up north to a small lonely town
Where many tales of terror can be found.
I saw there a church, abandoned a while,
Crumpled and broken beyond hope of repair.
A statue was standing just beside the door
With a small smile on its carved stone face,
Standing with hands outstretched as in welcome.
For reasons unknown, I entered the place;
Perhaps I wanted to see lost beauty.
I made my way to the church’s altar
To think on things lost and vanished forever
Where once men had worshiped and given praise.
As I stood there I heard the faintest sound
Of something scraping toward me from the door.
I turned, and there! In the aisle it stood.
The hands, once fair and gently carved, were stretched
And grasping, clawed and altered- and my God!
The face! Once kind and lovely, now transformed
To glowing fierce eyes and a baleful stare.
My heart had no beat for what seemed an age-
Then turning, I fled through the broken wall.
Since then, I’ve wandered without looking back
For fear that I’ll see that face near me again.”

We laughed and clapped and, acclaiming the tale,
Went to our beds with a merry good night.
Yet at the morning, our joy was destroyed:
The tale’s great teller had died in his sleep.
Beside his bed stood a statue of stone
With hands outspread and a smile on its lips.

A/N: The Weeping Angels from Doctor Who were definitely on my mind while writing this- finishing it late at night was probably not a good idea. But I had fun with it. This entire thing feels a bit off- I really don’t like poems without rhyme, and this was *an attempt at* blank verse. But I like the story, so here it is. Hope you enjoyed!


7 thoughts on “Poetry- A Statue’s Smile

  1. That was creepy and very effective! My perception of the picture of the statue above changed from looking benevolent, to just barely hiding its malevolent nature!

    “Storm clouds had gathered high over the moor
    While the wind moaned like a spirit in pain.
    The light from the inn shone out like a beacon,
    Tainting the night with a bright gold stain.”

    Attempt at blank verse huh? FAIL! But a very good fail here! One doesn’t normally think of gold as tainting or staining something, so I really liked this novel use.

    • It was, in fact, such a failure that my professor suggested I re-write it as tetrameter and just do another one altogether. Slightly embarrassing- but on the other hand, I did get told that the content was good- so half-failure, half success? I seem to have a chronic inability to grasp iambic pentameter…

      • Iambic pentameter? Isn’t that something you call demons from hell with? No? Oh well, I guess I grasp it even less than you do 🙂

        • Oh, I’m sure it calls up demons- just not the screaming howling ones. Mainly I’m pretty sure it calls up the ones in charge of despair, anger, and apathy.
          It also could be considered a rhythm of meter, but those demons are definitely a side effect 😉

  2. o_o
    Well, that wasn’t what I expected from the title. So creepy! I don’t know a whole lot about poetry, but the story that it told was very interesting.
    And frightening.
    I think I may be in for nightmares tonight.

  3. Quite possibly my favorite post! Great images!(This comment came so late because I only just got one of these accounts)


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