Poetry- Devils Dance In Droves

Devils dance in droves
In the country and the city.
Knowing what they know,
They laugh without any pity.
Taking hearts and minds
In their clever taunting hands,
Whispering their lines
Of light, and making sweet demands.
All their works and deeds
Do nothing to ease their sorrows.
Their wits can only thieve,
Not comprehend all that life borrows.

A/N: Just something where the first two lines popped into my head and I wanted to see where they led. Just a distraction- back to paper writing now…


4 thoughts on “Poetry- Devils Dance In Droves

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  2. This is fascinating, and all more so because it reminds me of a fanfic I’ve been reading called “A Ghost Story” by Whatcatydidnext on FF.net. This sort of sums up one of the themes that runs through it.

      • It is based on the BBC’s Robin Hood (written by a fellow Richard Armitage fan), but it goes off into a world of it’s own immediately, and deals with the reincarnations of the characters from that show. I normally hate and avoid AU stories, but I started reading this because the feeling behind it was so fascinating. It is rather confusing though, even for someone who has watched the series. I’d say the first couple chapters are the most relevant to this poem.


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